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💕Officially Launched💕


My first ever handbag!! I mostly made this for myself because I needed a place for all my trinkets but I felt like I can't be the only on with this problem~ The bag has more than enough room to carry all your keychains and even has a little display pouch to bring your little buddies along with you! It fits all your necessities, even 7 white claws😲 (I've tested it lol)


Comes with:

- 3 Random Mada keychains

- 3 Random Novelty Keychains

- 2 Ribbon options

- Dust Bag

(Sonny Angel not included)



- 6 x 14in/16 x 35cm body

- 4in/10.16cm Width

- 9.5in/23cm Handle

- 2 inside pockets

- 1 zipper pocket

- Vegan Leather


Trinket Bag

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